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We are a small team. To make better economic sense, we have to devote our energy and time to the most profitable projects.

That’s why we decide to stop providing support for LoftLoader jQuery from December 1st, 2017.

You can see the notice in the purchase form on CodeCanyon

What does it mean?

If you bought LoftLoader jQuery before December 1st, 2017, and you have a valid and not expired support license (6 months from the purchase date):

  • No problem, you can still get our support service when you need our help.
  • When you need to submit a support request, please leave a comment, and please follow this guide to provide related information.
  • Please also check CodeCanyon Support Policy to know what’s included in item support and what’s not.


If you bought LoftLoader jQuery before December 1st, 2017, and your support license expired:

  • Sorry but we won’t provide support service.
  • Support extensions and renewals are not available.


If you bought LoftLoader jQuery after December 1st, 2017:

  • Support is not included in the price of purchase. We won’t provide support service.

What should you do if you encounter a problem while using the item?

Please read the LoftLoader jQuery documentation. We strive to provide detailed documentation to save both your time and ours. And you can also check our FAQ list.

What if you found a bug, or need a new feature?

Please leave a comment here. We would appreciate any feedback that will help us to improve our products.

  • For bug report: We will confirm it is a bug and will fix it in a future update.
  • For feature requests: As the product’s author, we have to make careful decisions when adding features, to make sure we are delivering a great, flexible but not feature-bloated product. So we will decide whether add a new feature or not after discussion within the team.

Will we still update the item? Or can you get future updates?

Yes, we will update the item as needed. And you can always get future updates.

More information about Items Marked as “Not Supported”.