General about Support

Our support is provided only for our product buyers. And your license must be in a valid support period (more information about support period). This is the Envato policy for support you have accepted when you have bought your item on ThemeForest.

So, when apply for support, please:

  • If you are asking a question on CeraMag item page: please login to the ThemeForest account that was used to purchase CeraMag, and leave a comment.
  • If you are sending email to us: please attach a copy of the purchase invoice. Please see this article to know where to find the invoice and how to download it as a PDF file.

According to Envato Support Policy, we may not provide support to some requests. And we keep rights not to provide support due to abuse or any other reasons that are against our support policy and/or Envato Support Policy. And you may like to see examples of support requests given by Envato.

What you should do first before asking your question

To speed along the support request, please follow the guide below:

  • Make sure your site is running the latest version of WordPress.
  • Update to the latest versions of your themes and plugins.
  • Check our Online Documentation and How-to Articles first. Many support queries and technical questions will already be answered in our documentation.
  • Disable any other plugins and then check if it fix the issue.
  • If you still cannot find a solution, please submit a support request.
  • Before applying for support please make sure you understand the rules of support. 

Submitting a support request

When you need our support, please leave a comment on CeraMag item page or email us: And please include following information as many details as possible:

  • Your website URL
  • Which version of the product you are using
  • Detailed description of the issue or the question
  • Screenshots of the problem
  • Any notices or error messages
  • Any other information that you find useful
  • And please provide all the information in English
  • If you contact us via email, please indicate which product your question corresponds to

Support requests are being processed on business days (Monday to Friday) from 10:00 to 18:00 (UTC+10) in the order they were received. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response (it is often much sooner than that).

What you can expect from our support

According to Envato Support Policy, item support includes:

  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Technical questions about the item’s built-in features, functionality and included third party plugins
  • Questions about how to use the item (we may direct you to an already documented response, e.g. a chapter in our documentation)
  • Feature requests (please see more information)

What you can not expect from our support

However, according to Envato Support Policy, item support does not include:

  • Generic WordPress questions Like how to install WordPress, how to write a post/page, how to setup menu, and etc.
  • Installation of the item, hosting, server environment, or software. We have included these details in our documentation (theme installation guide and minimum requires of running the theme). But we do not provide service to install the theme on your site.
  • Web development skills Like “I wrote some custom code but I ruined the whole site, how can I fix it?” or “I wrote some custom code but it doesn’t work as I expect, how can I get the result I want?”, and etc.
  • Issues related to 3rd-party plugins
  • Any customization work out of the product’s design or functionalities
  • Any request that contain abuse or violence
  • Any request written in a language other than English. We only provide support in English.

Please understand: every product has (and should have) its limitation

We are not trying to make a product to be an answer to every question. Some features might be useful for one user, but will be useless for 1000 other users. At the very beginning stage of product design process, we have a lot of great ideas that the product can do, but we have to pick carefully. More features doesn’t mean more success. We don’t want our users get a feature-bloated product. When we include a feature in the product, it’s because we should, but not because we could.

Please let us finish this topic with a quote from Steve Jobs:

I know you have 1000 great ideas for things that iTunes could do. And we have 1000 more. But innovation is not about saying “yes” to everything. It’s about saying “no” to all but the most crucial features.

All about new feature requests

We’d love to hear from our users. We would appreciate any feedback that will help us to improve our products. However, please note, not every new feature request will be added in a future update. As we have said in “Every product has (and should have) its limitation” part, as the product’s author, we have to make careful decisions when adding features, to make sure we are delivering a great, flexible but not feature-bloated product.

You have a new feature request and we will add it, only if:

  • It’s a useful and important feature for many users and our potential target users, and our team also sees it as a must-have feature. We will add it in a recent update.
  • It could be a useful feature for some users. We will consider adding it in a future update. But will not take action until enough customers ask for the same feature. 

You have a new feature request but we will not add it, because:

  • It’s a customization related request (please see more information)
  • It can be done by a third-party plugin
  • Some features already existed in the product can do the job
  • It’s a feature request that is against our product philosophy For example: “I know it is a minimal and monochromatic theme. I like most of the design, but I really need it to be colorful. Can you add some features for this?”

We do not provide item customization service

Item Customization is not included in the item support according to Envato Support Policy.

What kind of request is related to item customization?

  • Modify or extend the item beyond the original features, style and functionality described on the item page.
  • It will help you tailor the item to your specific requirements.

Here are some examples:

  • “I think the features slider on the homepage is too high for my site. I want to reduce its height to xx.”
  • “The post images is in rectangle shape. How can I change them into rounded corner?”
  • “I know it is a minimal and monochromatic theme. I like most of the design, but I really need it to be colorful. Can you add some features for this?” (And this one can be also considered as a feature request that is against our product philosophy.)

Examples of feature requests that will be accepted and added:

  • “Each post on my site has many categories meta. Is it possible to hide the categories meta of posts on the homepage? Now it looks really overloaded and messes up the clean layout. “
  • “I’d like to show tag description and tag image on tag archive pages like what I can do for categories. Could you please add the feature in an update?”

When you need help with item customization, we recommend hire a developer to do the customization work for you. And you can check Envato Studio – there are many developers providing theme customization service. You can search with keywords “Theme Customization” to find the suitable developers for your project.

We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.

– The motto of The Ritz-Carlton

A better world with respect and understanding

Please submit your request or question in a way that endeavours to be respectful and constructive.

Here are nice and hard-working people behind the products you are using. We contribute our knowledge, skills, time and energy to make great products and provide top-notched support. 

We have multiple products and we sell to many buyers. And we may not be living in the same timezone. Support requests are being processed on business days (Monday to Friday) from 10:00 to 18:00 (UTC+10) in the order they were received. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response (it is often much sooner than that).

We care about the customer experience, but that doesn’t mean we would say “yes” to every request or do nothing else but just stare at the computers/mobiles waiting for any possible new request from our users. Our team doesn’t work nights, weekends or holidays. It’s important to take a break and enjoy some great time with family and friends. High-quality casual time will help to improve working performance and produce high-quality products.

If you don’t agree with us

If you don’t agree with our policy, we won’t take it personally, but it means that our team philosophy/product/service might not be for you.

We won’t argue with you. “Argue” means you and we have different opinions about one thing and we both try to persuade or get the other person to believe that what you (or we) are saying is true. The purpose of us arguing with each other is to prove that you (or we) are right. It’s meaningless and just a waste of time.

If you are not satisfied with our product/service, you might like to ask for a refund and stop being our customer. Please check Envato Customer Refund Policy and follow their policy to see whether your situation is refundable or not.

The Conclusion

As said in Envato Support Policy, “we believe an author’s time is best spent using their amazing creative and technical skills to build great new items and keep their existing times up-to-date.”

We believe so too. That’s why we strive to provide detailed documentation, helpful how-to articles, and this policy, to save both your time and ours. 

Thank you very much for reading this policy.