How to add a start number for post like/post viewed count

How to add a start number for post like/post viewed count

CeraMag theme provides Post Like and Post Viewed count feature.

Post Like Button: You can see a small heart icon on the featured image of each post on homepage, or on each single post. Visitors/readers can click on the heart icon, the number will count up at every click.

Post Viewed Count: The number will count up at every click of the single post, and every time when refresh the page of the single post.

If your site already has many posts before using CeraMag theme, because your previous themes don’t have the features, or use a different method to record those data, so the number of each count is zero for every post. You can add a fake start number for for each post, please follow steps below.

1. Go to one post, find “Screen Options” on the top, click on it to show the panel, tick the box of “Custom Fields”.


2. Scroll down the page, you will see there is a “Custom Fields” box below the content editor. Then find “Add New Custom Field”, click on the “Select” list, choose “loftocean-like-count” or “loftocean-view-count” from the list.


3. Enter a number into the “Value” box. For example, 257 for “loftocean-view-count”. Then click on “Add Custom Field” button.


4. If you’d like to change the number, just enter a new number, then click on “Update” button.


5. The number will be the start number of the like count or view count, which means if you click to view the post right after setting the view count start number to “257”, it will add 1, so it will be 258.