Cannot see the ad banners on your site?

Cannot see the ad banners on your site?

When you notice that some (or all) of your site’s ad banners are not visible, there may be different reasons:

– This may be caused by browser updates

A known issue: A Home Widget Ad Banner that has the “Large Banner Special Effect” enabled may be invisible in Chrome v67.x. We have released Fallsky theme version 1.1.5 to fix this issue.

Please update the Fallsky theme to v1.1.5 and check if it fixes the problem on your website.

– This may be caused by JS errors/conflicts

Please check your site from different browsers and see if the banner is invisible in all browsers or is only invisible in some browsers (Chrome? FireFox? Safari?).

If it happens under all browsers, and the invisible banner is a Home Widget Ad Banner that has the “Large Banner Special Effect” enabled, then there may be JS conflicts/errors that prevent JS from working properly. Please check if there is any error messages in the browser console.

Please read this article to know How to use Your Browser to Diagnose JavaScript Errors.

After you confirm that it is a JS error/conflict, please follow the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Deactivate all third-party plugins. Clear the site cache and browser cache, check if JS errors still exist and if the banner is still invisible. If so, please contact us and provide as detailed error messages and screenshots as possible.
  2. If the JS errors no longer exist and the banner shows, reactivate one third-party plugin and check again. If JS errors appear again and the banner is invisible, there are JS conflicts between the theme and the plugin.
  3. If not, please repeat the step 2 to check those third-party plugins one by one.
  4. After you confirm that there are JS conflicts between the theme and a third-party plugin, you can contact us and also contact the author of that plugin and report the conflicts.
– It may be blocked by Ad Blockers.

If it does not happen in all browsers and there are no JS error messages related to ad banners, it may be caused by Ad Blockers. Please read on.

Ad Blockers

Advertisements may be blocked by Ad Blockers. Some browsers have this feature as a built-in feature, and some visitors may install and enable a browser extension to block ads. And because it’s on the visitor’s computer and browser, as the site administrator, you can’t stop them from doing this.

There are something you can do:

1. Please update Fallsky theme to the latest version.

Since v1.1.4, we have changed class names of ad banners created by the theme. The old class name “ad-banner” will be detected and blocked by ad blockers. We changed it to “fallsky-bannr” to prevent it.

2. Please check if your banner image contains “ad” or “banner” related keywords.

1). If so, it will also be detected and blocked.

2). And if it’s a banner generated by embed code, it may also be detected and blocked because many ad blockers also check for popular ad services such as Google AdSense.

3). if the ad is linked to an external site, the ad may be blocked if the target site’s URL contains these keywords.

There are many ad blocker extensions and the filtering rules may be different. The most common used extensions are “AdBlock”, “AdBlock Plus”, “UBlock Origin”, “Ad Guard” and etc.

And this is a list of “AdBlock Plus” blocked words, IDs and CSS classes:

3. WordPress plugins

You may try some WordPress plugins to block or detect ad blockers:

4. The banners were visible before but disappear recently. Why?

1). Browser updated and added/turned on the ad block feature (This happened on Chrome).

2). The computer recently installed some antivirus software. It will turn on the ad block feature of a browser too.

3). You or someone else has used your computer and installed an ad block extension or turned on this feature accidentally.

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