There is no H1 tag on my homepage. Is it a problem for SEO?

There is no H1 tag on my homepage. Is it a problem for SEO?

That is a good question!

We understand your concern about SEO. The short answer from us will be “no”. For the detailed answer, please continue reading below:

1. What is an H1 tag?

H1 tags are meant to show the primary headings on pages. Usually it is the title of the page, or, in some cases, the title of the website.

2. What does the search result on the internet show (such as Google)?

It’s the content of the title tag (in the < head > section of the HTML document) that appears in the search results, not the content of the H1 tag.

3. Why we do not use H1 for post titles on the homepage?

We only use H1 as the page/post title on the single page/post, not on the homepage or archive pages. Because on the homepage or archive pages, there are multiple post titles on the same page, if we use H1 for these post titles, then there will be many H1 tags on a page – we should avoid using multiple H1 tags on a page for SEO.

In many articles about SEO, they mentioned that use only a single H1 tag per page.

“Although you can use multiple H1 tags, it’s frowned upon in digital marketing circles. For good reason. That’s because you could dilute the SEO value of one H1 tag when you add a second H1 tag. In that case, you’ll end up with a lower rank.”
What Is an H1 Tag? The Full Answer & How It Impacts SEO

4. The title (logo) of the website is not H1. Is this a problem?

Some websites may use H1 tag for the site logo, while others may not. But there is not much difference in SEO or website rankings. You may like to read this article for more information.

As we also mentioned in our reply to another user’s question: you can check the homepage of the Yoast SEO plugin: they don’t use H1 tag for their logo or site title, and there is no H1 tags on their homepage.

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6. The plugin for SEO:

We recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin to boost your website SEO. If you haven’t installed it, you can download it from this page.

If you still like to add an H1 tag to your home page, you may like to read this article: How to add a (hidden or visible) H1 tag on the homepage.