v1.1.7 Released on April 30, 2017
  • New: Option to make page background color to be transparent
  • New: Option to make site header background color to be transparent
  • Changed: Move background image options out of “Boxed Layout Options”
v1.1.6 Released on April 29, 2017
  • New: Options to customize Site Header background color, background image and text color
  • New: New site header style – “Logo + Nav Bar”
  • New: Option to add background image for site footer
  • New: Option to choose Site Layout – Fullwidth/Boxed Layout
  • New: Options to set site max width, background color/image for Boxed Site Layout
  • New: Option to change text on Read More buttons
  • New: General Section in Customizer
  • New: Shows category description for Large Page Header Style on category archive pages
  • New: Added another recommended plugin – Yoast SEO
  • New: 8 new demos data for importing
  • Improved: Styled interface of WordPress customizer
  • Changed: These 3 sections have been moved into General Section – Button Styles, Page Post Header & Background Image
  • Fixed: Minor CSS bugs
v1.1.5 Released on March 15, 2017
  • New: Single Post Header Style – “Normal Featured Image below Post Title” (Customizer > Post > Single Post Header Style)
  • New: Option to hide a post’s featured image on its single post page
  • Updated: Demo content files for one-click-demo-importing
v1.1.4 Released on March 2, 2017
  • New: Signature image width input field for Custom Widget – Berry Profile
  • New: Option to hide Author Info Box after single post content
  • New: Custom Widget – Berry Facebook
  • New: Option for user to change related posts section title
  • New: Option to enable site footer Instagram Feed’s title to be a link to Instagram account page
  • Improved: Post Share – share preview now is open in a small pop-up window, not in a new tab
  • Changed: Post Archive Grid Layout – Image area now is clickable and linked to its article
  • Fixed: Minor CSS bugs
v1.1.3 Released on February 17, 2017
  • New: 4 Post Archive Layouts – Classic Grid 2 Cols, Classic Grid 3 Cols, Flip Grid 2 Cols, Flip Grid 3 Cols
  • New: Featured Boxes section on homepage
  • New: Featured Boxes section background color option
  • New: Large page header option for Category Archive pages
  • New: Custom meta “Featured” for posts
  • New: Users can choose to show handpicked featured posts in the Featured Slider
  • New: Option to remove posts in the Featured Slider from the latest posts archive list
  • New: Bloglovin social icon for Social Menu
  • New: One click to turn a square shape author photo into round shape for custom widget – Berry Profile
  • New: Demo content, widgets and customizer data included in download package to import
  • New: Recommended plugin “One Click Demo Import” for importing demo content, widgets and customizer data
  • New: Child theme example included in download package
  • Changed: Customizer > Blog Page > Posts Layout – changed from drop down list to radio button list
  • Removed: “Enable card style?” option in Customizer > Blog Page > Posts Layout (Merged into Posts Layout list)
  • Tweak: Buttons top & bottom padding value
  • Tweak: Subscribe form submit button width
  • Tweak: Other minor CSS changes
v1.1.2 Released on January 14, 2017
  • New: Archive pages (category, author, date-based) layout & style settings in Customizer > Archive Pages
  • New: Support SVG logo in customizer
  • New: Add “Enable to auto play” for Featured Slider in Customizer > Blog Page > Featured Slider
  • New: More options for Featured Slider Auto Play – Pause Duration, Transition Speed & Hover to Pause
  • New: Option to enable parallax scrolling effect for large featured image in page/post header in Customizer > Page/Post Header.
  • Enhanced: New image size 1920px x auto height when adding an image to the Media Library, this size will be used for Featured Slider on blog page, featured image/gallery slider in page/post header, and category archive page header. Full size was used before. Please note: this only works when upload new images, for the existing images, users can use plugins to regenerate this new size (please see documentation – 7th Chapter – Image Size for details).
  • Enhanced: For featured slider on blog page, featured images/gallery slider in page/post header, and category archive page header, load small size of images first so there will not be just blank before large images have been loaded.
v1.1.1 Released on December 27, 2016
  • Fixed: Low version PHP issues
  • Changed: Moved text domain files to wp-content/languages/themes. Please move your .mo and .po file to wp-content/languages/themes if you have translated the theme.
v1.1 Released on December 26, 2016
  • New: Post Template for each post – requires WordPress 4.7
  • New: New style for Featured Slider – Carousel 2 Col
  • New: New style for Featured Slider – Carousel 3 Col
  • New: Widget Title Color option in Customizer > Colors > Sidebar
  • New: Support for RTL languages
  • New: 5 new social icons for Social Menu – Flickr, Etsy, Tumblr, Dribbble, Vine
  • Improved: Options structure in Customizer > Blog Page
  • Fixed: Low version PHP issues
  • Fixed: Minor CSS issues
v1.0 Released on December 11, 2016
  • Initial Public Release.